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Changes Lyrics


CD "Changes"
Track 01
Time 4:42

i was waiting fo ages
now turning the pages
years collapsing in my mind
washing off whatever you paint
my ego is burning down your saint

i look in your eye
your words make me cry
you are creepy
full of lies
what is left
now you see
contradictions set you free

you wanna break it
you wanna take it
never been drowned
if you gonna make it

you never bring me down
i know you´ll be around

you have hatred
you have lied

you`ve been guilty
you denied
you build up a war
filled with blame
burning in a silent flame

you are shallow
you are blind
you are the shelter of unkind
you are addicted to control
you´re views are not shared
your anger grows

you wanna break it……

you stuck on your journey
stop sharing the creed
you lost the inner peace you need
lost in your spirit
lost in your soul
no insight
down in your hole

you wanna break it…

you`ve got the nerve
get what you deserve


CD "Changes"
Track 02
Time 5:06

i broke up the boundaries
longing for a love
forever gone
captured in daydreams
release myself and crashed into the sun

i painting a new sign
beating heart shape of red colored lines
i will make it all mine
collapsing in my light

could i become free
my soul will be cut
i will stay

could i become free
you take me away

will i become free
your soul haunting me
far away

will i become free
i´m fading away

reborn in a new life
surrounded by the whisper of your light
the love of my bright world
it dies with the dying sun

your silent tears drying
your softly words
are turning into sand
beside all the crying
the less you will demand

could i become free...

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CD "Changes"
Track 03
Time 5:14

all the faces
all the voices
all this pretty distant noises

feelings lost
feelings rejected
expanding thoughts

soul for sale
no need to worry
try to resist
time to fail
promise me not to discover
composed wonder
broken fame

you bring back all the rain
wasting time
you bring back all the rain
make you mine

you bring back all the rain
back in time
you bring back all the rain

confused mind
pure devotion
moving faster in slowmotion
word sound soft
words sound blue
i close my eyes and turn to you

don`t understand
words to demand
you gonna get your second chance

don´t understand
words to demand
come and get your second chance

you bring back all the rain…

i see
i saw
i´m free
i fall

maybe i see
maybe i fall


CD "Changes"
Track 04
Time 4:39

i took the wrong way
back into my lonely past
all hidden faces
forgotten places
a moment overcast

reborn in silence
beside the violence
i found myself in upper wars

sounds safe beside the misery
so close to fade away
release this memory
a fading soul
searching for recovery
i´m losing all my self control
a silent scream inside my soul

i cut myself off
start bleeding and fade away

it feels so good to be free
it feels so good to be me
still walk the wrong way
missing a beating heart
this is the wrong time
to fall apart

sounds safe beside the misery...

somebody needs someone
to wake you up inside
someone needs somebody here
to make it all
somebody needs the other side
to fall asleep tonight
somebody call you up again
your love will shining bright

dancing all alone
dancing without fear
dancing in the middle of the night
and disappear

somebody needs someone...


CD "Changes"
Track 05
Time 4:36

into the unknown
into the light
out of my mind
out of my sight
your shapeless eyes
a burning flame
embracing the chain
and fall again

your shame and your vanity has passed
your unchained kiss will be my last
thoughts are drowned in flooded streams
forever gone in shameless dreams

recover me keep me alive
shining on in a shivering light
close my eyes
and dreaming for a while
despite the moment here or there
love is your hatred
love is your fear
love is your downfall

love is a bliss
you have to kiss

cover your face and disappear
all what happens,happen here
need to break out
tried to escape
trapped in this beautiful mistake

i feel salvation on your lips
a weakness caused by your fingertips
a touch of confession in your vein
out of the blue
and full of shame

recover me
keep me alive...

hollow inside
apart and free
kissed by the ghost of you and me
never gone
i will reappear
from your eyes as a tear

recover me
keep me alive


CD "Changes"
Track 06
Time 4:39

you are strange to me
you will always be
drifting from dream to dream
feelings trapped in memories

your shadow walking beside mine
i disappoint you a thousand times
i feel the need to regret
i hear your faint voice
inside my head

and when you stumble
and you will fall
sometimes you break

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Release: June 30 th. 2017

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sometimes you crawl
i still adore you
like so many times before

angel eyes they look at me
angel eyes they come and see
they don´t wait
i´m listen to the quiet

i´m free from sin
always have been
love is all around
i´m running into sound
still call it love
raise the stars above
a blinding flash of light
eyes wide shut
in a silent night...

and when you stumble
and you will fal...

i´m just me
it´s all i can be
being just me
the me that i see

and when you stumble...


CD "Changes"
Track 07
Time 3:41

waste my time with love and hate
delete myself and set me free
no regrets
but i feel humbled, i feel low

i closed my eyes and locked my heart
longing for things, i never get
i´m breathing innocence
and killed myself instead

spinning aroud
letting you down
so many lost
so many drowned
killing the love in me
you we´re the wrong for me

catch a thought up just in time
compense this moment
and make it mine
i´m still breathing
kiss you softly in my mind
i keep a distance to your soul
even i know it makes me cry
tears will ease the pain
and fell in love again

spinning aroud
letting you down
so many lost
so many drowned
killing the love in me
you we´re the wrong for me


CD "Changes"
Track 08
Time 5:14

you welcome me upon this earth
with graceful arms wide open
you held me close and made me smile
this love remain unspoken

embrace me with your loving flame
that burns from deep within
i feel secure
oh, i feel loved
i smell the touch of your sin

out of the darkness
that once held me tight
newborn in your shadow
rising to the light

another day another day
you have to go
you fade away
i know one day i know one day
you turn away your love will stay

you made me see that things in life
not always as they seem
explained to me the good and bad
never lose the sight of my dream

out of the darkness...

another day another day...

i´m here to stay
no matter how far you away

no matter how far you run
no matter how hard you try to hide
i will find you
i will find you
on the other side
i need you again...


CD "Changes"
Track 09
Time 4:33

you think i´m wasted
but not unkind
eyes in my head
truth hard to find
swallow lies for the mind
i am the shining kind

convince my eyes
i skip my dreams
distort my tongue
disguise my scream
this way i´m unwinding
this light leads to my shining

only one sin for my temptation
there´s no need for salvation
never complain never blame
never lose the sight again

let me send to the shrink
i wanna see what you think
you bring out that certain flavor
my true love is hard to savor

down down falling branches
down down like avalanches
down down clouds of ashes
down down wasteful clashes
down down into my marrow
down down straight and narrow
down down i lose my sorrow
and fall asleep tonight

i have the words and i have more
i have the truth at the core
expand my mind
extend the bliss
i made a change in my exist

i´m the light
i´m divine
i draw my words out of line
realized it was a bliss
never changed
never kissed

down down...

never been touched never been missed

down down...


CD "Changes"
Track 10
Time 5:07

push me down
wasting all my time
slow down

feed your soul
with all the lies
you can´t control you´re hypnotized

you´re so deep
under my skin you weep
lose my mind
and let it bleed
i toch myself
i must proceed

provide the light for me to see
you set me free from agony
you call my name...
you wash away the bitter taste
before i go to waste
you call my name...
i break the line do it again
release the pain and kiss the shame
you call my name...
collapsing out of time

convince my soul and make it mine
you call my name...

lost in pain
did you cry
and nothing came
scream in passion
soul untamed
you sweet delight
embraced unchained

i´m despised
blame the words you idolized
waiting for a compromise
just let me kiss your drying eyes

look around
everything is so profound
overflowing with the sound
you turn my whole world upside down

provide the light for me to see...

kissing all the pain away
because it is just another day
falling lonely to the ground
dry my tears turn around

provide the light for me...


CD "Changes"
Track 11
Time 4:52

from the bottom of my heart
i will remember
i will surrender
no longer captured in a world
of broken words
i won´t deny my past
i always will remember
stop acting small
because i´m still possessed

now i fall asleep
before i fall apart
i do not ask to see
your shining fragile heart
i was not prepared but missing you
comes in waves
i have always dared to believe in a
love that saves

i lay my heart into your fragile hands
of nothing
i feel ashamed my love has never changed
i smell the fire of your soul
from a distance
your dying words leave a whisper
in my mind

now i fall asleep
before i fall apart...

i feel nothing
you feel something
this is all we really are
heart of the flame
cold of the snow
dust from a star

now i fall asleep...

i feel jaded
you desperated
i feel defeated
never needed
i have always dared to believe
in a love that saves

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Release: June 30 th. 2017

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CD "Changes"
Track 12
Time 5:26

you swallow me in
let me taste your last kiss
i sleep forever in your embrace
forever lost in your maze

i will be your stardust in the night
will be forever your shining light
will tame your demons down below
i will forever save your soul

you say...
don´t run to fast leave signs on your way
you say...
even i lost you
you will find me one day
you say...
you were afraid of the pain to come
you say...
that i was the one you were running from

i feel tired now let me sleep
don´t want you to cry
don´t want you to weep
you made me whole
you were the love i wanted to bleed

i bless the night
will place you in my heart
out of the sight
into the dark
into the ashes
into the cold
i´ll stay forever
in eternal cold

you say...
don´t run to fast leave signs on your way
you say...
even i lost you
you will find me one day
you say...
you were afraid of the pain to come
you say...
that i was the one you were running from

i will reborn
keep crying like a naked child
i will be running up that road
and there is no one to hold
i bless the night and place you in my heart
nothing between us
nothing between us